I cleaned the CatGenie today...

...and I grew in wisdom. Here is what I learned:

1) It's best to just take off all your clothes if you're going to do this nasty job.

2) When the CatGenie manual says you should take the horrid bowl outside to hose it down, they speak with wisdom.

3) Sometimes life is a paradox. See #1 and #2

4) You know the expression "they think they're so great, their shit doesn't stink"? "They" are not cats.

5) Cleaning the CatGenie with a bunch of paper towels inside the bathroom isn't such a great idea.

6) Trying to flush the paper towels down the toilet is a worse idea.

7) Plunging the toilet naked and one-handed while holding a soggy bowl of plastic cat litter is even less fun than it sounds.

8) Mr. Kitten has been eating rubber bands.

I love this thing, but not right now. Photo credit: Amazon

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I started writing Twitch's story

It's not humor for once, just the story of a sweet cat. He's been through danger and faced death. When I stopped breathing, he patted my cheek until I woke up. He's a good cat.

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Poll: Cats or Dogs?

A quick poll, which are better: Cats or Dogs? Vote below, then check your answer for correctness here. (Hint: cats are better.)

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