Twitch and Mr. Kitten Talk

Twitch cocked his head. "Mr. Kitten, what are the noises the woman keeps making with her mouth?"

"Do you mean the sounds she makes to us and to other humans and sometimes to the little box she holds in her hand?"

Twitch cleared his throat and nodded.

"She is pretending to speak," Kitten continued. "You know that."

Twitch bowed his head. "I was hoping it wasn't that."

Kitten nudged him with his nose and licked his ears. "Don't feel bad. She's a primate. She sees how we communicate and she copies us. It's cute."

Twitch sighed. "It's just that I was almost starting to respect her. It makes me melancholy to see her aping us, like a, well, like a..."

"Like an ape?" 

Twitch said nothing. "Look," Mr. Kitten said, "there is some rudimentary communication that occurs when the humans 'talk'. But it will take them trillions of years to reach our level."

Twitch nodded. He and Mr. Kitten existed on a higher plane of existence and their exquisite feline bodies were but projections into the Earthly plane. Beings such as Kitten and Twitch experienced the entire vastness of time simultaneously, and the energy of their extraordinary minds reached into all realms, in every dimension, taking living form and experiencing myriad lives in what, for them, was not even a blink of the eye. They were everywhere and nowhere, omnipotent and omnipresent. Their thoughts were unimaginably sublime.

"You're right," Twitch said. "I have to accept and respect her as she is, and not try to imagine her as anything more. I will go now and free my mind to drift upon the waves of random impulses that course through the neurons of this body."

"And I," Mr. Kitten said, "will tend to the upkeep of this simple form that converts matter into energy, and produces the waste products we present to the human in the container she has chosen."

Mr. Kitten licked his butt. Twitch took a nap.
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