Blackness: a 100-word story

a 100-word story

       She picks up the dry cleaning. Then she’s in a grade school classroom, and her book report is due but she can’t find it. She looks out the wide windows, and a strange sound comes to her: heavy, noisy breathing, rising up through the floor, falling through the windows from a yellow sky.
       Now she's in a forest, and all is black. The sound gets louder, breathing, breathing. Then the breath catches, becomes uneven. She runs, runs in fear, deathly fear, fear of death.
       She’s in a dream.
       She is a dream.
       A dream that dies with the dreamer’s awakening.

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  1. This made me think of the Matrix. Cool stuff.

  2. Thanks, Anonymous. You get around a lot, I've seen your comments all over the place.