Another story about Pope Xeter

As you know, the evil Pope Xeter (from my writing buddy's scifi world) killed Soo-Soo, the cat. Here's my take on Pope Xeter.

The Pope's Fall

"Watch Soo-Soo, my lord!"

Pope Xeter didn't, and thus tripped on the sacred cat and fell down the stairs. His realistic pompadour flew off as his head struck the railing. Panicked, he stuck out his arm to catch himself, but it caught between two of the banister's vertical supports. A crack echoed as a damasked-covered bone snapped. Prone, feet pointed downward, the Pope slid down remainder of the stairway, friction causing his elaborate costume to ride up, exposing his bare backside to the assembled Court and also causing certain damage insuring he would produce no further hereditary heirs.

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