Drabble: "Blondhilda and the Lawyer"

Blondhilda the Warrior Goddess plays against type here as a forensic technician from my upcoming The Mr. Kitten Murder Mystery.

Blondhilda and the Lawyer

by Chris Hugh

Forensic technician Blondhilda Brown held her pen in her teeth as she coiled her flaxen hair. She stuck the pen through the bun and faced the lawyer. "Are you serious?"

"Absolutely! I have to know."

"I understand you're upset." Blondhilda looked down at the body, then back to the lawyer. "But why do you need the exact time of death?"

"He was on the clock. We need to bill the client."

Blondhilda drew an ornamental sword from the wall. "This is a crime scene," she said coldly. A chill wind blew. "Leave now or I'll cut your billable rate permanently."
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