Ceiling Cat is Black

Yeah, I'm sick of prejudice against black cats. I'm gonna take it on. Power to the people!

I started a blog called CeilingCatIsBlack.blogspot.com.  (Wow, why does my Mac try to change "blogspot" to "bloodspot"?

Anyway, I've got two stories up there. One about a little blind kitten named Homer, who chased away an intruder. The other about a black cat named Brutus, who was a fighter pilot!

Read on, my people, read on. Pin It Now!

1 comment:

  1. Black cats are weird tbh. I think they're a different species, or just more wild.
    Designed to be nocturnal, you know?
    Although a friend of mine once had a black cat that was completely agoraphobic, anytime.
    If you took it outside it just froze.
    You could carry it out into the garden, set it down, and it would just fall over, completely panic-struck.
    I have three cats now, one black, and she's not normal, honestly.