Exercise: Blondhilda and Hello Sailor Disagree

The writing assignment was: write a story about two characters who are faced with the same challenge and who have different approaches to responding to it. I called on my characters of Blondhilda and Hello Sailor, and here it is.
Blondhilda and Hello Sailor Disagree

"The injustice of it!" Blondhilda cried. "I cannot abide it!" She stood up from the recliner and shook out her sheet of pale golden hair. A glowing light suffused the room and she held her sword high.

"Stop, Blondhilda," Hello Sailor said, hopping up from her own recliner. An inexplicable breeze tossed back her hair and ruffled her miniskirt. "We cannot directly interfere with the affairs of mortals. We must let them find their own way."

"But it is madness!" Blondhilda yelled. Lightning struck and thunder rolled. "Odin will never stand for it." She pointed her long, graceful and immortally-manicured finger at the box that carried the vision of the outrage. "Fie!" she screamed.

Hello Sailor held her back. It hurt her to defy her heroine, but she had to. "No!" she shouted. "The mortals must learn their own kind of wisdom at their own pace. We cannot countermand the decrees of human judges! We must work with them, teach them." She glanced at the offending vision and a light glinted off her large pupil. She softened slightly. "Perhaps we'll arrange a visitation to teach the decision makers the error of their ways."

Suddenly Stanley Chester Brown walked into the room. He immediately assessed the situation and took charge. "Ladies," he said. "You'll do nothing of the kind." He turned off the television. "Michael Bolton was voted off Dancing with the Stars and there's nothing either of you can do about it." Pin It Now!

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