"With This Ring I Thee Wed" to be published

Long and the Short Reviews has very kindly accepted my followup to "Sparkle Threw Us Together."  Caitlin and Rob fell in love in the first story. In the second story they're getting married--but loss and disappointment almost mar the ceremony. Will a stray cat step in to save the day? Read all about it on October 14! (This link will work on October 14-20.) In the meantime, read the terrific story that's at that link right now! I just flipped over to that site to get the link, took one look at the story and couldn't stop reading. It's absolutely charming. I'm literally misty-eyed thinking that my little story will be in such fine company.
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  1. Sorry, the formatting got messed up on this post. Here's the link to the terrific story I was telling you about.

    http://longandshortarchives.blogspot.com/2010/09/jack-of-hearts-by-joyce-ackley.html. It's called 'Jack of Hearts' by Joyce Ackley.