Tandom Story: The Party (Horror/Humor)

by Chris (Kit) Hugh 5/29/11
Another tandem story. Anchorite wrote most of it, but Chris Hugh jumped in to mess around here and there.


I hate going to these formal parties. Everyone wears the latest fashions, but I smell the rancid, stale sweat beneath their sweet perfumes and I see the lice burrowing and crawling through their immaculately styled hair.

I take an orange from the fruit basket and throw it down in disgust when I see the sickly green and gray fuzz of mold and shake off the worms and maggots that burst out of the rotten fruit and nearly crawl onto my hand. I then walk down the hallway towards the privy, deftly navigating through the bodies strewn about in varying stats of intoxication and taking special care to not step on the glass shards from shattered bottles and the spent but still sharp needles.

After I relieved myself, taking care not to touch any of the filthy surfaces, I walked back towards the ballroom. I saw a minor nobleman who I vaguely recognized from the news sheets escorting a giggling young tart who was clearly not his wife into an empty chamber. I shook my head and proceeded until I came across a scene that I could not ignore.

I saw another nobleman in the distance; I was too far away to hear what he said, but his lascivious smile spoke clearly enough. He addressed a young girl who looked like she was barely a teenager. Tears flowed from her eyes as she slowly unbuttoned her blouse for the nobleman's amusement. Her crystalline tears shone as brightly as the pistol that he pointed at her forehead. I reluctantly tolerated more decadence this night than any normal person should, but this was too much. I knew that I had to do something, although I began running towards them before I completed that thought.

by Chris (Kit) Hugh 5/29/11
 Chris Hugh

I slapped him and his skin came away in my hand. Worms dripped from the ruin that had been his face and piled on the floor, wriggling in an orgy of delight. The man sank to the floor, deliquescing into a puddle of clear slime. The girl screamed and screamed, the sound echoing inside my skull until I couldn't stand it. I quieted her. She kept waking up and breathing and I had to smother her over and over, but finally it was quiet and I was alone.


After sitting alone in my thoughts for a brief while, I stood and proceeded to leave this sordid scene behind. I found the door locked and barred and then felt my head lighten as I struggled to breathe in this thinning air. I frantically struggle with the lock and scrape off the door's paint with my fingernails in desperation as my vision blacks out for the final time.

Chris Hugh

Then the noise started, the incessant pounding, pounding, edging its way into my consciousness. I fell to the floor clutching at my ears. I looked across at the girl. She had opened her eyes again, the whites of them covered with tiny hemorrhages. A voice began shouting my name.

I rolled over and punched pillow. "Five more minutes, Mom!"

I showered, got dressed and came down to breakfast. Mother smiled and poured milk into my cereal bowl. A earthworm crawled out of it onto the table. "Good morning, sweetheart. So is she dead now?"

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