Duelling Stories

Three super-short stories

Bored on a Rainy Day
by Anchorite

He sighed and stared forlornly out the window, bored on a rainy day. On days like this when he had nothing to do, he regretted wishing to live forever

The Invitation Arrives by Mail
by Anchorite

He opened the envelope to read the enclosed funeral invitation written in an elegant, dignified script appropriate for the solemn occasion. By his uncertan count, she was the last of his former lovers that he had outlived. He sighed and wondered if his suit still fit.

The Immortal
by Chris Hugh

He looked at the elegant funeral invitation and managed to arrange his face into a suitable expression, hiding his smirk from the courrier. So the last of his former lovers had died. How sad. "I wonder if my black sut will still fit," he mumbled, hoping for an excuse for a quick flight to London's Saville Row to have a new one made. And if he didn't make it back in time for the funeral, oh well...

He looked at the card again. Something not right about it. It wasn't addressed to him after all, so why did it feature his name?

The courier took out a pistol and pushed him back into the foyer. "I'm sure we can arrange special fitting for the guest of honor." Pin It Now!

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