Short-short sketch

Another sketch from the Mr. Kitten Murder Mystery. Are Steve (Helen's husband) and Tiffany (Helen's personal trainer) having an affair? Mr. Kitten doesn't seem suspicious, but someone else is. Someone who might have been better off paying attention to his own business....

Safe Sex

I wandered past Tiffany and Steve as they disappeared into the back guestroom again, then I padded down the hall and around the corner where Elliot and our new investigative expert were crouching.

Furbaugh was practically licking his lips and rubbing his hands together. "So, did you get it?"

"Yeah," Elliot mumbled, packing up his periscope-style camera lens. "We filmed them going into the guestroom. Big deal. Don't you have a safe to install?"

Still squating, Furbaugh leaned back against the paneled wall. A smiled spread across his face. "They're having sex and we're putting in a safe. We should call this the 'safe sex' episode." He ran a hand through his thick waves of gray hair and stood up. "I'll go downstairs and direct the crane operator. Drop what you're doing and get ready to film me."

Elliot watched Furbaugh walk briskly down the hall to the back stairs. Then he turned toward the master bedroom, where the safe was to be lifted through the window.

"Yeah, you get down there below the safe. I'll drop it alright." Pin It Now!

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