An Anchorite Story: Cats Read

Cat's Read
by Anchorite

“Twitch, did you read this?”

“If it doesn’t have pretty pictures and come with crayons, then I didn’t read it.”

“I expected as much. Well, my friend of short attention span, this book is titled ‘The Mr. Kitten Murder Mystery’ written by none other than our human.”

“She wouldn’t violate our trust like that, telling all our secrets where anyone could read them!”

“More than that, Twitch, she’s selling books and making money – lots of it – by telling our story and we’re not seeing any of it.”

“That’s outrageous, Mr. Kitten. Why did you get top billing and not me?” Pin It Now!

Declaration of Love: A Tanden Story

Anchorite wrote this

"You're the woman I love most in the world. That's why I let you live when I did not spare anyone else's life."

Chris Hugh wrote this

She rose from her silken lounge, shook out her long tresses and walked to the tower's window. A rose petal drifted to courtyard far below, to the ancient stones strewn with bodies. The princess turned her proud head to the barbarian. Did he fancy she would embrace him as her savior and lover? She smiled, white teeth in an angel's face.

"Fool. They were dead already." Her delicate canines lengthened and her tiny hands unfolded their talons. "I killed them. And now I'll kill you."

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Tandem Story: Another Day in Eden

Anchorite wrote this part as an exercise
the goal was to write Chris Hugh style

“Good morning, Tim, it’s time to wake up.”

Tim woke up to the soothing yet energetic voice followed by a recording of a lively march to lift his spirits. The music played from EDEN’s speakers and stopped after Tim sat up stifling a yawn. After the music ceased, Tim heard the serene hum emitted by EDEN’s motor. She always woke him at the scheduled hour in this way in her comforting ritual. Strictly speaking, EDEN was a seemingly featurelessly smooth sphere containing the world’s most sophisticated technological advances beneath the polished matte black shell, but Tim was used to thinking of this machine as a loving mother.

“I’m up, EDEN.”
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A 100-word story: Heartbeat

a 100-word story

"Oh, that's just a fatty tumor." The doctor smiled and shook her head. "Completely benign. Very common. Does it bother you?"

"I have nightmares it talks to me--"

"I mean, does it hurt?" She twitched her hand back from the smooth, even growth on the patient's back, then chuckled. "Gotta fix these lights. Almost looked like it moved."

"Doctor, I'm scared. I--"

"Now take a deep breath while I listen to your lungs. Good. Good." She placed the stethescope on the growth, jerked away, stumbled, wild-eyed, into the wall.

"Doctor, what's wrong?"

"That growth--has its own heartbeat." Pin It Now!