Guess who's the new Examiner National Gadget guru???

Yup, it's me. National Gadget Guru! National! And, naturally, my first post is a review of the CatGenie, a toilet for cats. Click here to read it. Pin It Now!

More acceptances

More stories have been accepted! Yay! Little Stories for the Smallest Room (you know what that means) will contain three of my drabbles (100-word stories). But you can read them here first:

Dirty Angel
Mummy Love - A Twilight Parody

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Strange Musing of the Day and a New Weasel Phrase

My hair is getting thinner. That makes me feel old because my hair used to be thick. But I've decided to stop worrying about my thinning hair. I'll just tell people my hair has always been thin. That makes it all better. And how would I justify this little white lie?

I'm not lying. I'm changing my narrative.

Hehe, I thought that up myself. Awesome. Feel free to use it. Pin It Now!

Curses! Foiled Again! -- a 100-word story

Curses! Foiled Again!

      The strange alien spacecraft rocked and bucked and spilled the strange alien captain onto the gray alloy floor. He emitted strange alien expletives as his underlings hid from his wrath. Yet again, the captain had aimed the death beam at one of the Earth's rural inhabitants, and yet again the shiny, reflective lining of the Earthman's traditional headgear aimed it straight back at him. The aliens gave up. Earth could not be conquered.

     The Earthling waved in triumphant farewell, his baseball cap's aluminum lining catching the sun's rays, the brightness making the aliens wince. "Curses!" the captain shouted. "Foiled again!"

This story was performed on The Drabblecast, Episode 191.

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Blackness: a 100-word story

a 100-word story

       She picks up the dry cleaning. Then she’s in a grade school classroom, and her book report is due but she can’t find it. She looks out the wide windows, and a strange sound comes to her: heavy, noisy breathing, rising up through the floor, falling through the windows from a yellow sky.
       Now she's in a forest, and all is black. The sound gets louder, breathing, breathing. Then the breath catches, becomes uneven. She runs, runs in fear, deathly fear, fear of death.
       She’s in a dream.
       She is a dream.
       A dream that dies with the dreamer’s awakening.

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