Twitch and the Case of the Missing Snuggles

Another tandem story written by Chris Hugh and the Anchorite
The Case of the Missing Snuggles
[Chris wrote this part]
Mr. Kitten lay on the top tier of his sand-colored cat tree. The clear light from the skylight played in his dark fur, turning it a soft brown. He listened with his eyes closed as Twitch tore through the house screaming. Twitch finally ran into the craft room, paused, gagged and threw up on the floor. Then he rolled on his back, grabbed his tail, let it go and moaned. “I’m gonna die.”
Kitten softly leaned his head over the edge of the cat tree. He opened an eye. “What’s wrong?”
“I need snuggles right now!”
Kitten took a deep breath and rolled his eyes. “Well, alright, come up here if you must and I’ll—“
“Not your snuggles! I need Chris’ snuggles! She’s been gone forever!”
“It hasn’t been forever.”
“It has, it has!” Twitch cried, rolling on the ground in misery. “She’s been gone forever! She’ll never come back! What am I gonna do?”

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