Save a life for $98

There’s a $98 device called Snuza that clips to the baby’s waist and alerts you if he stops breathing. It also alerts you if it loses contact so that it can no longer monitor the baby’s breathing. 
Adults with sleep apnea can use it too. A CPAP works for obstructive sleep apnea, but if you have central sleep apnea, this is the only thing I know of that will help. If you don’t know if you have sleep apnea or not, you’ll know after you spend a night with this gadget. If you can’t afford $3000 for a sleep study, you can diagnose yourself with the Snuza and buy a self-adjusting CPAP online for $300, no Rx needed.
Many people who have lost a baby to SIDS use the Snuza for subsequent babies. Go over to Amazon if you want to read scores of reviews where this baby monitor has saved a life. It was the only time I found myself crying over Amazon reviews. You’ll also read first hand what parents have done to get their babies breathing again.
Please pass the word. And excuse my caps. I don’t often comment, but this article was misinformed and dangerous. I don’t know why the author didn’t just google “SIDS baby monitor,” but there are several effective monitors, some as low as $79. If I had a baby, I'd use two at the same time as a fail safe. 


I posted this in response to an incident article on Lifehacker that reviewed three very expensive baby monitors, implied no others existed, and basically advised parents to put their babies to sleep supine but otherwise throw up their hands in despair and give up on protecting their babies from SIDS. 
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