Mugsy is Ceiling Cat

I think this is Mugsy again

Mugsy is a black kitty cat that scared away an alligator. He was protecting his family even though they were too stupid to get away from, you know, an alligator!

Here's a link to the post I wrote about him. It's got lots of video of badass cats and men fighting alligators. Mugsy's the only one who won the fight, but the men walked away even if it looked pretty bad on video. 

Ceiling Cat is black. Ceiling cat scares away evil alligators.

Here's another video of I think the same cat. Here he is defending a chicken. Well, chicken parts. Isn't that sweet? Go ahead and eat the chicken, little Mugsy. She's beyond saving at this point.

This alligator is kind of a wimp.

Click here to see Mugsy take on two alligators.
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Ceiling Cat is Black

Yeah, I'm sick of prejudice against black cats. I'm gonna take it on. Power to the people!

I started a blog called  (Wow, why does my Mac try to change "blogspot" to "bloodspot"?

Anyway, I've got two stories up there. One about a little blind kitten named Homer, who chased away an intruder. The other about a black cat named Brutus, who was a fighter pilot!

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The Bride of Frankenstein goes on Dancing with the Stars!


The pale woman's flowing white gown dragged across the marble floor. Her wiry black hair, bound up in a strange cone-like style, was shot through with two streaks of white which had been fashioned into lightning bolts. Outside, the lashing rain made the afternoon gray and dangerous. The woman lurched to the reception desk.
"Welcome to Forever Pretense, Los Angeles' Premier Beauty Destination!" the receptionist chirped. "How may I help you?"
"How beautifully dramatic!" the woman said conversationally, looking out the window. Lightning flashed, bright, as if someone had momentarily switched on a strobe light, and a clap of thunder shook the building. The customer smiled, exposing a collection of yellow teeth that seemed not to match each other. "The cruelest savage exhibition of nature at her worst!"
"It certainly is unusual to see weather like this inL.A.!" the receptionist agreed, her smile undimmed. "What can we do for you today?"
"I am here for a Transformation!" The woman raised her arm high and lighting struck as she spoke. Thunder rolled.
"Whew!" The receptionist leaned over and looked outside. "That sounded close!" She turned back to the customer. "A makeover, did you say? Wonderful! May I ask your name, please?" (click on "Read more" below to more:)
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Who's better, cats or dogs?

Short answer: Cats.

Long answer: Cats are better, let me count the ways....eight.

I shall think of one more; there should be nine, since cats have nine lives. That doesn't logical sense, but it is 2:16 in the morning, so close enough.

Here are some comments on 8 Reasons Why Cats Are Better than Dogs, which I've published on HubPages.
"Hilarious! My wife and I laughed so loud our cat ran out of the room. She's a scaredy-cat (but good with bears). Voted up and funny, and shared."
"Thanks for the humorous hub. Cats are the best."
So click on over and enjoy.

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Come learn SEO with me

I'm getting serious about becoming a writer full time, which means I need to learn about SEO. Google is always trying to rank up quality content while ranking down spammy, duplicative, crap, so I'm happy with that. I'm all about quality content. For me, SEO isn't about tricking the search engines. It's about knowing what the heck I'm doing.

People shouldn't have to search so hard to find my stuff

Serpie the Spider is a cute little spider who's learning SEO with me. He's got his own blog!

It's pretty rudimentary, but might be worth checking out. I've also got a new Mac, so as I learn how to do simple, basic stuff on it, I'm blogging about it there too.
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