Story: The Tablet

The challenge was to write a story in six sentences in my writing buddy's SciFi world. I've changed the names so that when you buy his upcoming best-selling books, I won't have tainted them. Here's the backstory: Pope Xeter is an evil, evil guy--he killed Soo-Soo the cat. Now his daughter's pregnant by her illicit boyfriend....

The Tablet

"It'll be okay, Kender; go tell him."

Kender took Margina's small dark hand in his large pale one and kissed it. The idea that their baby was growing in her womb almost overwhelmed him with its sacredness: their love had created a new soul.

But her father...Kender thought of the hundreds Pope Xeter had murdered for committing miscegenation, the thousands he had tortured to death for fornication, and now Kender had committed both sins with the Pope's very daughter.

Margina pressed a white tablet into Kender's hand; he looked at her tenderly and raised his eyebrows in a gentle question.

She smiled at him and explained, "Cyanide--just in case you're a sissy about being tortured."
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